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METANEXT reçoit le prix VMware 2022 Cloud Innovation and Transformation Award EMEA.

Publié le 26 avril 2022
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METANEXT est fier d’annoncer que nous avons reçu le prix VMware 2022 Cloud Innovation and Transformation Award pour la région EMEA.

Cet Award vient récompenser le travail de nos experts VMware et nous positionne comme partenaire privilégié sur les sujets d’Innovation et de transformation Cloud sur l’Europe.


Sèvres, April 6th, 2022METANEXT today announced it has been awarded the VMware 2022 Cloud Innovation and Transformation Award for EMEA. This honor in VMware’s annual Partner Achievement Awards recognizes METANEXT for delivering VMware solutions that help customers move to modern, cloud centric architectures and advance their digital transformation journey.

“Digital transformation and the cloud continued to make businesses more resilient to change over the past year. METANEXT is a best in class example within our ecosystem, delivering results as customers reinvented and fortified their systems in the face of a turbulent market. From reducing capital expenditures designing and implementing a multi-cloud strategy to modernizing applications and minimizing carbon footprints, the partner we’re honoring this year is making a huge difference for our customers” said Veronique Nurit, EMEA Senior Director, Partner Services and Multi-Cloud Partners. “VMware is proud to honor METANEXT as a leader in Cloud Innovation and Transformation, and we are thrilled to see their continued commitment to providing complete solutions that result in exceptional customer outcomes.”

  • METANEXT has achieved solving 3 major challenges (Cloud infrastructure modernization, on-premise footprint reduction, digital journey launch) of one major customer in Industry sector by designing and delivering a VMware hybrid Cloud solution based on Azure VMware Solution infrastructure to migrate existing workloads.
  • New applications and projects will be using native cloud services, and the IT organization is switching to a devops model. Infrastructure as Code and Automation will help the customer to reduce time to market and to focus on delivery and management of its business and business applications.

The VMware Partner Achievement Awards program is conducted in partnership with technology research firm IDC, which reviewed and evaluated award submissions against the criteria for each category. Partners were recognized for their achievements in delivering VMware technologies and solutions that helped customers move to modern, cloud centric architectures and transform their businesses. They were selected for their ability to help customers leverage VMware solutions in combination with next-gen technologies to lead the industry.